About the Children: Policy Updates from Pennsylvania

Good morning again!


HB 1653 – We’ve been watching this bill since it was first introduced back in October.   It went before the Governor on Tuesday.

S 449 – This bill is being considered in the House after passing the Senate.  It spent a long time in committee, but it’s had its second consideration at this point.  It mandates that magisterial judges use risk assessment tools to determine whether an alleged abuser needs to remain in jail instead of being out on house arrest to await trial.  Assuming the risk assessment tools are used effectively (sort of a big ask, but it’s got to be better than nothing) this would help protect abuse victims while they wait for their case to be heard in front of a judge.


H.R.1892 – Obviously, the big spending bill just passed early this morning (after Rand Paul basically single-handedly closed the government for three hours in a symbolic gesture…) and that will obviously have some ramifications for all of us.  Some of the good news about its passage is that CHIP is funded now for the next 10 years, which is obviously good news for children in foster care whose health insurance is so frequently covered by the program.

Uplifting News

Our uplifting new story this week comes, yet again, from the midwest.  Specifically, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which will now offer tuition-free attendance to students who come from households that make less that $56K/year.

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