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    Fiftieth Time’s a Charm

    I now own a house that has a respectably sized yard, complete with a functioning hose and a fancy fence.  I have, for a long time now, owned a desire to live off the fat of the land, complete with a short memory about how often I’ve tried and failed to do just that.  And, thanks to Amazon Prime, I now own a fabulous book that chemically combines those two things into a powerful solution. That’s right, I am, once again, attempting a garden. Last time I tried this, I was living in Pittsburgh, so I started the plants indoors in April to try to give them a fighting chance. …

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    What’s Wonderful this Week?

      Parks & Recreation I watched the entirety of Parks and Recreation a year or two ago when it was on Netflix. It took a bit to get into, but once I did, I really did. I loved the US The Office even when it made me cringe with just how socially inept they all were.  But what’s amazing about Parks and Rec is that, even in the moments when you cringe because their lives are so strange and they frequently do things that are hard to imagine anyone would choose to do, you love them for it.  If you love Michael Scott, it’s in spite of all the qualities that make him…

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    What’s Wonderful this Week?

    Feminist Anthems Last week, I mentioned my playlist of Patriarchy Pounding Pop songs that I frequently find myself listening to while I’m at work.  Especially on days immediately following some news story that makes the fight towards equality seem Sisyphean, this playlist I created a few months ago (and continually add songs to as I find them) helps me draw on the wellspring of power and perseverance of the billions of other women in the world who are fighting the same fight I am. The idea of the playlist stems from my theory that if depression is isolating and isolation is depressing, then the we’re-in-this-together feeling is empowering, and empowerment…

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    What’s Wonderful this Week?

    To christen my new website, I’ve decided to take a leaf out of the book of my favorite 30-under-30 Media Luminary, Griffin McElroy and his wife Rachel McElroy who are the co-hosts of the Wonderful podcast.  They have an official blurb on their official website that describes their podcast’s official purpose, but I don’t believe in authorial intent, so I’m going to tell you what Wonderful is to me and why I’m straight up plagiarizing from them. Wonderful was created a few months after the world realized it was longing for it.  My podcast playlist is constantly peppered with bad news, painful stories, and harsh realities that I, with my weak…

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    Today is Saturday, and though I meant to wake up early and take this run in the morning, life got in the way. Greasy, sloppy life, not thrilling, carpe diem life.